Rick was not only a loving husband, son, brother, father, and mentor to many, but a friend to all. Rick graduated from Arroyo High School in 1979. His legacy when he left Arroyo was to help others and make this world a better place by making small noticeable changes. Although this car show is in memory of Rick, his memory continues to live in the hearts and souls of the lives he touched.

Although he was only 37 years old when God chose to bring him back to heaven, Rick's life touched so many people. Rick had a way of making everything "right". In the face of adversity, Rick seemed to know just the right words to make everything o.k. Sometimes he didn't even need words to make things right again, just a simple look or smile would brighten the future.

Rick was also gifted with a wealth of talent. He was a mentor to many.  He lead by example.

Brief as Rick's life was, he touched the lives of so many people. He acted on an inner urge that drove him to help people. He would assess the needs of others and sought to fulfill those needs. For example, there were many times when Rick would volunteer his expertise and provide assistance to a stranded motorist, he gave advice to someone who needed it, gave away his lunch to the homeless, and finally in death, he gave his internal organs. Numerous people in the EastBay are enjoying life today because Rick donated his organs to others who were dying.

As the DeVecchi family tries to go on living without Rick, they thank God for the time they had with Rick. They find solace in the fact that someday, Rick will be awaiting them with open arms as he once again will guide them toward what is "right".

His passing has changed the lives of everyone who knew him in one way or another. He is thought about every day and tried to teach us: 1. Don't take life for granted. 2. Make the best of each day because once it is gone, you can never get it back. Rick we all miss you and we all LOVE you.

In Memory of Rick Devecchi
In memory of Rick DeVecchi

In December 1998, the horrible murder of San Lorenzo resident Rick DeVecchi occurred. While the murder remains unsolved his life continues to make an impact on others throughout the Bay Area.

Not only did Rick save lives by being an organ and tissue donor, but his legacy continues to help others today. Donations in his name have been spread throughout the Bay Area. Numerous contributions include Make A Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, and Guide Dogs For The Blind. Also, donation tiles at The Oakland Childrens Zoo, San Francisco Giants AT&T Park, Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo, Del Rey Elementary School in Orinda, San Lorenzo Community Center, and sponsorships to Citizens Against Homicide in San Rafael.

While his generosity is spread throughout the Bay Area, the family continues to search for the murderer. Flyers are passed out everyday, billboards have been placed throughout the Bay Area, video enhancement of the suspect vehicle, websites have been utilized, "Americas Most Wanted" profiled the case three times on the Fox Affiliate, local cop show "Fugitive Watch" aired the segment and included it in their print and online edition, witnesses have been hypnotized, local mailing to all law enforcement agencies, as well as local newspapers, radio and television coverage, yet the vehicular hit and run is still unsolved.

It was December 17, 1998 just after seven am, when Rick was walking along Second Street in Berkeley, in front of the family trucking company, when a black man in a white or tan Cadillac intentionally and maliciously ran him over. The car was driving northbound on Second Street when the driver deliberately accelerated his car and swerved to hit the victim. The driver sped off and the car and driver have not been seen since. "That's what is baffling about this case. The car has disappeared from the face of the earth." said Randy DeVecchi. "Someone knows about the car and we need that someone to give us the tip we need to close this case."

The car is described as a late model 1970's or 1980's light colored Cadillac with a dark landau top. A partial license plate similar to "CUS---" or "-CUS---" (blue characters on white plate).

Frank Kiernan, who witnessed the crime, recently was talking about what happened. " I can't even imagine what that family has gone through for the past years. To get up everyday, go to work, and run a family business at the very location where a family member was murdered has to be very difficult, but not to have this case solved, it has to be agonizing for them."

Not only did this tragic event take place in front of the family trucking company, but it was witnessed by Rick's Dad. As the driver struck Rick, his Dad, Dick DeVecchi saw the entire event unfold. The elder DeVecchi thought of giving chase, but his son was lying in the street gasping for his last breaths of life.

The reward is now $50,000.00. A composite sketch of the suspect has been released by the Berkeley Police Department. The suspect is described as a black male, 5' 11", 185 lbs., black hair.

Berkeley Police are asking for the public's help. Anyone with information regarding this case should contact Berkeley Police Homicide Department at (510) 981-5741. (persons can remain anonymous). More information can be found at

Anyone with information regarding this case should contact Berkeley Police Homicide Department at (510) 981-5741.