Arroyo Athletic Department

The Arroyo High School Athletic Department consist of all volunteers. The primary goal of this committee is to raise money to save high school sports. With all of the state and federal budget cuts involving high school sports, it is imperative for this group to succeed. While we receive no funding, we continue to work as hard as we can to provide opportunities for all athletes.

The availability of resources for underprivileged and low income students to participate in athletics has diminished, therefore, forcing many student/athletes to take the wrong path in society. We aim to help those individuals get the opportunity to utilize their talents, by participating in high school sports. In the past, we have provided student/athletes the availability to compete by paying for their doctor visits which allows them medical clearance to participate, provide transportation for those who have none, provide athletic essentials such as uniforms, protective gear, shoes, equipment, officials, and more. 100% of all proceeds from this event goes directly to the athletes.

Our goal is to keep the student/athletes on the fields, in the gyms, and on the courts.